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The workshop on “Exploring Innovative Partnership- Ecosystems Around OFSDP (Phase-I) Forest Divisions” was held on 29.09.2016 in the Conference Hall of Odisha Forestry Sector Development Society (OFSDS). It was attended by senior forest officials including present and previous project directors of OFSDP, representatives from academia, NABARD, social entrepreneurs, consultants, civil society etc. The goal and objectives of the workshop were as follows;



To builld Innovative Partnership-Ecosystems to augment and sustain viable business operations by 50 collectivized micro enterprises established under OFSDP around forest and agri products.

Objectives of the workshop

  • To share OFSDP’s framework, process and status around community-based cluster micro enterprise promotion.
  • To learn from other such experiences in India directly from the promoters.
  • To discuss and agree upon potential partnership options around geographies/commodities/ hand-holding thematics