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Request for Proposal for Audit of GSF Grant for the period January 2017- July 2017


(The last date of receipt of queries is 1500 hours on 9 Nov 2017. Last date for submission of bids is 15 Nov 2017)


The Global Sanitation Fund (GSF), supported by the Geneva-based Water Supply and Sanitation Collaboration Council (WSSCC) is a pooled global fund established to gather and direct finance to help large numbers of poor people attain safe sanitation services and adopt good hygiene practices. It aims to offer an efficient and cost-effective model to help the world's poorest people address this most basic everyday need. WSSCC is administratively and legally hosted by UNOPS.


NRMC India has been selected by GSF as the Executing Agency (EA) for India. The GSF program implementation ended on July 31st, 2017. NRMC India has its Corporate Office at New Delhi and had field offices in Patna, Ranchi and Assam. Audit shall be undertaken at its Corporate Office and all documents, files, correspondence will be made available by NRMC to the Auditor at its New Delhi Office.