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N R Management Consultants India Pvt Ltd (NRMC) is a development sector practitioner, providing services that
enhance and equip institutions and organizations with in-depth and well informed advice across a core range
of specialized areas. We have long experience of capacity building in the areas of financial management, grant
management, legal compliance and CSR.

NRMC aims to build financial management and governance capacity of national and sub-regional capabilities with
in-depth and well informed training programs. It plan to build a chain of high performing NGOs and capacitate
them so that they cater the changing need of the sector.

NRMC is pleased to announce a one day crash course on financial management, procurement and compliance
applicable to NGOs on following dates:

Ranchi – 1st December 2015

Patna – 4th December 2015



The purpose of this training is to share knowledge and experience on important aspects of financial and
procurement management systems applicable to NGOs. We believe that with improved skill, they would be
able to maintain robust financial management system which would finally help their organisation in gaining
confidence of existing and prospective donors. It would help in improving brand image of the organization.

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