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Uttar Pradesh, being the most populated state in India, also accounts for approximately 19 % of the total adolescents in the country. Many of them live in poverty with restricted rights, opportunities and choices. Their growth is marred by inadequate access to quality education, poorly available health services and lack of employment opportunities.

Breakthrough Trust, with support from IKEA Foundation, has taken up this cause and is implementing an adolescent engagement project in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh.  It will empower 400,000 adolescents to negotiate improved outcomes of gender equality, health and education by creating an enabling environment to exercise and access their entitlements. It will focus on an empowerment model in schools and at the community level through media campaigns and community mobilization; working with community institutions like Self-Help Groups, Nari Sanghs, Kishori Sanghs,etc.

NRMC is a Monitoring and Evaluation Partner and will provide strategic inputs to the project from design components through impact assessment. As a first step, a Situational Analysis has been undertaken to inform components of project strategy, make appropriate amendments to the log-frame and facilitate development of impact indicators. These indicators will feed the Baseline Survey Format, to be rolled out shortly and eventually compared with the end-of-project Impact Assessment. While this comparison will indicate progress of the project, a Mid-term Evaluation will be conducted to make necessary trajectory alterations, if required.