Our areas of expertise are diverse,

and so is our understanding of problems.
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NRMC’s approach towards making CSR interventions sustainable is by establishing models that can create a shared value for both corporate and the community. The approach entails identifying interventions that are beyond philanthropy, adhere to national standards/regulations and contribute to reputation management/brand. From the community perspective the approach involves identifying avenues where communities can engage with the business and leverage their social capital.  Over the last twelve years, NRMC has engaged in co-creation of this social capital and augmented capacities to generate and derive Environmental, Social and Economic benefits.

Another salient feature of NRMC’s approach is Value for Money (VfM). Moving beyond the seed capital invested by Corporates for Environmental, Social or Economic change, we strive to ensure co-funding from communities and other sources. This could be in the form of user fees or crowd funding from other partners, including Government. Linking CSR interventions with flagship government programs and facilitating strategic and effective partnerships is a differentiating feature of our approach.

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