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Client Type : Multilateral and Bi-lateral Agencies
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: The World Bank
May 2013-December 2013
Geography: Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh Maharashtra, Gujarat and Orissa
Objectives: To “increase incomes through enhanced agricultural production and improve sustainability of natural resources through better watershed management among the people living in selected micro-watersheds in eight States, by adding value to Integrated Water Management Practices (IWMP) programs through institutional reform, capacity building, the development and application of best practices, and convergence with other Government projects”.

Nrmc India Role:
Assessment of capacity building initiatives currently in practice in watershed management across India through IWMP. The assessment was undertaken across levels- including communities and local Government, state watershed agencies and relevant line departments.  The assessment  included :
a. Capacity Building initiatives under Major externally financed watershed programs
b. Non-governmental organisations that are working at Scale and have good track records of  delivering results on watershed management and have been recognised at resource agencies  on providing technical assistance and capacity building services on Watershed Management  multiple locations within India.
Stock taking of potential nodal training agencies in each agro-climatic cone in the country. This led to recommendations on how to strengthen existing State level training institutions and training programs, focussing initially in eight project states but also covering the rest of the country on a general basis.
Exploring the potential for a national certificate course on watershed management
NRMC was also responsible for designing Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy and operational plan for Neeranchal National Watershed Management Project. The strategy prepared by NRMC identified five key communication objectives for Neeranchal:
Strengthening the capacity of rural poor people to communicate.
Ensuring advocacy and policy dialogue.
Building and strengtheing internal learning and sharing among local, national, regional partners and DoLR.
Enhancing internal communication among DoLR/ Neeranchal staff members, project implementation units and partners to ensure effective work performance.
Building strong partnerships with local and regional media and increasing their understanding of watershed management/ rural poverty/ convergence issues.