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Client Type : Civil Society Organisation
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting , NGO Engagement
Project Type : Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: AID Mahila Bank Project
November 2011-
Geography: Jharkhand
Objectives: To assess the impact of Mahila Banks on access of women to finance and financial services as well as gender equity.  
        Nrmc India Role
1. Secondary literature review: Literature regarding kiosk banking/ Mahila Banking was accessed. The framework for assessment of the AID’s model of Mahila Banks was also evolved.
2. Preparation of inception report: An inception report was prepared which detailed out the assessment framework, methodology, sampling, tools for assessment and outline of the report. The inception report was submitted for concurrence from AID.
3. Sampling: The project area comprises three districts of Jharkhand viz. Palamau, Garhwa and Latehar. Palamau and Garhwa have low proportion of Scheduled Tribes (10 to 15 percent) whereas Latehar has relatively high proportion of ST population (45 percent).
For selection of sample of Mahila Banks in a district, NRMC developed criteria and requested AID to rank Mahila Banks on the prepared criteria
Field visit to the selected Mahila Banks was conducted in which interaction with the customers and persons operating the bank were conducted.
4. Field work: The field work in each district included
a. Interaction with the district office of AID to gather information and perspective on the work done
b. Interaction with the concerned bank in Garhwa and Latehar districts
c. Interaction with 2 Mahila banks in a district.
d. Debriefing with the district team