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Client Type :
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting , NGO Engagement
Project Type : Project Management , Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: Save the Children, Finland
Timelines: September 2014-December 2014
Geography: Delhi, Patna
Objectives: To strengthen the CMIS system of Child Sensitive Social Protection (CSSP) project in a comprehensive manner
Nrmc India Role
Assessment and finalisation of Requirement of MIS
Review and finalisation of data collection formats  (using existing formats as a base)
Drafting and finalisation of reporting formats
Cross checking of information being collected through CMIS formats with respect to finalised reporting formats
Developing Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document before developing the Application on MS Access
Developing Application
Data Entry Module
Data Update Module
Reporting Module
Testing of Application and Bug fixing
Training of SC Bihar Team on use of application
Feedback on Application from SC Bihar Team and finalization of Application based on feedback from SC Bihar team
Develop a short, illustrated Operation Manual & an overview summary of the CMIS and its purpose