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Client Type : Civil Society Organisation
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Policy & Advocacy , Research
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: Resource and Right Group, Washington
Timelines: August 2013-March 2014
Geography: Maharashtra
To provide an analysis of tendu patta collection and marketing to the village communities in Gadchiroli District.
To understand the extent of FRA institutionalisation process through the Gram Sabha-CFR Management Committee in place and Initiatives by the district administration to facilitate its capacity building, and particularly in terms of interfacing and linkages to other institutions such as for credit and marketing.
To identify ways by which the transition from state control and ownership of tendu patta to community control and ownership as envisaged under the Forest Rights Act 2006 and PESA 1996 can be smoothly carried out.
To understand existing institutional arrangements and mechanisms in place for strengthening stakeholder capacities for claiming CFRs and processing claims.
To identify the problems areas and suggestions for full enjoyment of ownership of Tendu Patta by the community

Nrmc India Role
The assignment entailed meetings with Government officials in Gadchiroli, different value chain actors involved in NTFP marketing like traders, collectors, aggregators, etc. and interactions with Gram Sabha members and representatives of civil society groups.
A detailed secondary review of different Acts pertinent to FRA implementation and tendu patta marketing was undertaken. The analysis focussed on the complimenting and conflicting positions of different provisions of the National and Maharashtra State Acts pertinent to FRA implementation and how these provisions had impacted the implementation of FRA in Maharashtra.
The Governance framework for community based NTFP marketing in Maharashtra was also analysed.
The status of FRA implementation in Maharashtra and Gadchiroli in particular was stated. The process followed in the FRA implementation in Gadchiroli was studied as part of the assignment. The study also looked into the role of Gram Sabhas, civil society groups, the state and district level Government officials in FRA implementation.
Pioneering experiences in NTFP marketing by Gram Sabhas were documented.
A detailed analysis of NTFP marketing being conducted by Gram Sahbhas and contactors was made.
Recommendations for taking forward the learning from the study were also made in the report.