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Client Type : Civil Society Organisation
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Research , Strategy
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: Aga Khan Rural Support Program – India
Timelines: August 2014-October 2014
Geography: Madhya Pradesh
An analysis of the legal and regulatory framework prevailing in the country and the state of Madhya Pradesh with respect to organic inputs. This analysis will lead to an understanding of the larger environment within which the organic inputs industry operates.
Market analysis of “organic Manures and organic pest repellants” with the focus on Neem based “liquid Manures and pest repellents”
Analysis of two value chains, of Amrit Paani and Amrit Khaad and Neem Based Organ Inputs including an evaluation of the products and their value chains on their strengths and weaknesses.
The opportunities and challenges are then obtained through a thorough understanding of the need, alterable and constraint for each stakeholder that contributes to the prescriptions on the way forward
Nrmc India Role

A Situational Analysis of the existing Organic Input Market of the Nimar Region of Madhya Pradesh
A complete Value Chain Analysis of the AKRSPI propounded Organic Inputs and Neem Based Organic Inputs in the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Area.
Recommendation on strategy to evolve organic manure production and distribution as viable income generating activity for women entrepreneurs. The analysis will lead to pricing strategy, product strategy, distribution strategy, and marketing strategy.
Recommendation on institutional framework for aggregating entrepreneurs for standardization and economy of scale.