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Client Type : Government and Government Agencies
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Research
Project Status : Ongoing Projects
Sectors :

Client: Ministry of Tribal Affairs and UNDP
Timelines: April 2014-Ongoing
Geography: Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra
Objectives: To build an understanding of the critical gaps and challenges in the way states are currently formulating, executing and monitoring TSPs and to develop action plan and strategies for strengthening TSP designing, planning and a mechanism for improved implementation and monitoring at the State level.
Nrmc India Role
NRMC brought together Primary data collected from the villages of Bihar along with an analysis of government documents to present a holistic understanding of NREGS asset creation.
NRMC leveraged a purely technical team comprising of civil engineers and Social forestry experts to assess the technical efficacy of NREGA assets. Another team gauged the social angle by measuring the awareness levels of the community and the perceptions of the community about the durability and sustainability of the assets created.
The Results of the study are to be used to provide policy level feedback on the workings of the NREGS to the Government of Bihar and the World Bank.