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Client Type : Corporate
Practice Area : Corporate Social Responsibility
Project Type : Strategy
Project Status : Ongoing Projects
Sectors :

Client: Listed agriculture Inputs-Private Sector Company
Geography: Gujarat
To integrate its CSR objectives with the company’s operations and growth and formulate a structured CSR strategy and plan
To set strategic and sustainable CSR plan and for a medium to long term time frame

Nrmc India Role
1. Suggested CSR Vision and Mission for the company
2. Suggested approach : Thematic and sectoral level interventions based on industry knowledge, need assessment studies and competition mapping
3.  Recommendation to the company on different options of Social activities/ innovative social models to be under taken / possible implementing agencies.
4. Review of existing CSR programmes in the context of the above and map how their align with the Baseline Survey and Companies Act
5. A road map. In consultation with the team, that will guide the company to progressively move towards meeting its CSR objectives – short term, medium term and long term plans.