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Client Type : Corporate
Practice Area : Corporate Social Responsibility
Project Type : Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors :

Client: IKEA Foundation
Timelines: April 2013-December 2013
Geography: Gujarat and Maharashtra
The projects provided a combination of community-based child protection mechanisms, quality formal education, accelerated learning programmes (ALP)/special training programmes (STP), vocational and life skills training, cotton field-related health interventions and linking with various social security schemes to target vulnerable families. Children in the age group of 3-6 years (pre-primary school), 6-14 years (primary school age) and 15-18 years (adolescent) age groups were targeted under group-specific interventions. The projects also strengthened civil society networks to strengthen implementation of the Child Labour Prevention and Regulation Act (CLPRA) whereas in Gujarat they had set up an inter-state migration network to improve monitoring and coordination mechanisms to reduce intra and inter-state migration.
In addition to this, the project also involved training of government officials to improve awareness on child rights and strengthen coordination mechanisms across departments.

Nrmc India Role
Assessment of the overall logical flow of the project strategy
Identified needs emerging through the project and perspectives offered for the future
Identified social norms (e.g. child marriage) which acted as barrier for the project and the manner in which they were dealt with
Learning from this project’s experience
Assessment of sustainability of the project and institutions created\