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Client Type : Government and Government Agencies
Practice Area : Development Project Implementation
Project Type : Project Management
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors : Livelihoods

Client: Government of Uttar Pradesh

Timelines: September 2010-2012,

Scale: Uttar Pradesh, India

Objective: The strategy had been conceptualized by the Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) to take up one million families from extremely marginalized communities from among the SCs/ STs and Dalit Muslims. The families would be targeted for realization of 100 days of employment to be facilitated by Civil Society Organizations (CSO). The CSO engagement and their operations on ground would be managed by the State Nodal agency.

There are three major components :
  • initiating an intensive effort to identify the most vulnerable communities who are also perceived as socially excluded.
  • creation of systems and processes in such a manner that the capacity building and empowerment of the vulnerable communities can be done in an institutionalized manner.
  • creation of a system and process that the effort translates into actual outcome and realization of their legal entitlement of getting hundred days employment in Mahatma Gandhi NREGA.

NRMC India’s Role: NRMC worked as a Nodal Agency for the implementation of Special Strategy in 31 districts of Uttar Pradesh. NRMC operationalized the strategy through the CSOs in these districts. Operationalizing Special Strategy includes

  • Identification of CSOs in specific districts identified
  • Identification of 1 million families in identified districts, specific mapping of concerned GPs and villages and development of computerized database
  • Allocating CSO-wise envelop of families at block level, create GP-wise envelop for specific funds availability
  • Facilitating work demand generation
  • Technical assistance at worksite level, relevant counselling for smooth operationalization of CSO functions
  • Simultaneous data collation and documentation, coordinate data uploading on MNREGS soft – also generating success stories