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Client Type : Multilateral and Bi-lateral Agencies
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Monitoring & Evaluation , Knowledge Management , Research
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors : Gender

Client: UNDP

Timelines: July 2011-January 2012,

Scale: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra

Objective:UNDP sought to scale –up and replicate the successful strategies and prototypes developed during the implementation of the pilot project on ” Strengthening Women’s Social, Economic and Political Empowerment in Jaunpur, Mirzapur and Sant Ravidas Nagar of Uttar Pradesh” in 7 districts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. For this purpose, UNDP commissioned NRMC to develop a proposal for the proposed project by conducting a detailed situation analysis of the proposed project locations.

NRMC India’s Role:

Undertake an Interim Baseline Survey and Situation Analysis covering an assessment of the social, economic, political and legal context leading to a detailing of the context at different levels- nationally, state, district and village and also contributing to the problem analysis. As per the ToR, the situation analysis was conducted using - primary and secondary data collection and analysis; Immediate and root causes; Analysis of Gender and Power; Institutional Framework Analysis; Sectoral Assessment
  1. Identify critical areas for project design and strategy intervention for improving social, economic, legal and political empowerment of women in the cotton growing areas in the 3 states using 360 degree stakeholder analysis, appreciative enquiry and risk & exit management
  2. Develop a results framework for activity planning and suggest project management requirements using logical framework and mapping SMART alliances and management