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Client Type : Multilateral and Bi-lateral Agencies
Practice Area : Development Project Implementation
Project Type : Project Management , Knowledge Management , Research
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors : Natural Resources (Forests, Agriculture, Water and Land) , Public Health (Water and Sanitation, Health and Hygiene)

Client: WSP

Timelines: January 2013-May 2014,

Scale: Bihar

Objective:The objective of this survey was to assess sustainability of sanitation behaviour change at individual household and institutional (school/pre-school) level in a sample of Gram Panchayats in each block of Bihar. Information was collected through mobile phones to provide data in near real time from the field. WSP had provided the firm with the mobile app containing three modules/ questionnaires for individual household, school and anganwadi respectively, in local languages. This mobile app was linked with the online MIS at www.nirmalbharat.org website.

NRMC India’s Role:

NRMC and its partner firm were responsible for:
  • Deployment of interviewers and supervisors with mobile-phones to collect information on sanitation behavior and facilities
  • Training of survey team interviewers and supervisors
  • Developing sampling plan, field procedure and quality assurance plans
  • Collection of geo-tagged information and photographs of sanitation facilities and behaviors practiced in: 1) rural households; 2) schools; and 3) anganwadi