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Client Type : Government and Government Agencies
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting , Development Project Implementation
Project Type : Project Management
Project Status : Ongoing Projects
Sectors : Livelihoods

Client: Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation

Timelines:April 2015-April 2017,

Scale:Pan India

Objective:National Mission Management Unit (NMMU), a dedicated support team at national level, has been established to support Mission Director in implementation and monitoring of the NULM. NMMU is staffed with 10 technical specialists having expertise in various fields like Social Mobilisation and Institution Development, Social Infrastructure, Skills and Livelihoods, Financial Inclusion & Micro Enterprises, Housing for Homeless, Finance, MIS, Monitoring and Evaluation, HR, Communications and Knowledge Management. The NMMU ensures effective coordination with states/UTs and will provide directions and hand holding support to them.

NRMC India’s Role:

NRMC through the NMMU is mandated to facilitate the following key functions:
  • Implementation and monitoring of NULM.
  • To facilitate establishment of SMMUs by the state governments;
  • To support preparation of State Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy and Livelihood Development Plan and other pro poor programmes;
  • To provide professional and technical inputs on specific components of NULM
  • To liaise with other Missions/ Ministries/Departments/ Industry Associations to explore areas for convergent action
  • To facilitate linkages between NULM and State Urban Livelihoods Missions
  • To undertake/commission studies on urban poverty issues and disseminate the findings
  • To study best practices across the country and support their replication in other parts;
  • To support the development of capacity building and training modules
  • To promote comprehensive monitoring and learning systems at the state and city level;
  • To act as a national resource pool which provides information on best practices, statistics on urban poverty, slums and livelihoods etc.,
  • To work closely with a national network of resource centres/institutes to provide capacity building support to states/cities
Organise capacity building of key government staff involved in implementation of NULM as well as technical experts at SMMU, CMMU etc.,