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Client Type : Civil Society Organisation
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting , NGO Engagement
Project Type : Policy & Advocacy , Strategy
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors : Natural Resources (Forests, Agriculture, Water and Land)

Client: Rights and Recourses Initiative (RRI)

Timelines:April - June 2015,


Objective:RRI is keen to strengthen the CFR governance in India through the designing of effective policy and inclusion of modern technologies. As part of this exercise, NRMC India is tasked to develop the CFR potential areas, mapping support and assisting in CFR governance mechanisms.

NRMC India’s Role:

NRMC is responsible for providing the following services
  1. Developing CFR potential brief
  2. Guidance for development of CFR mapping process through android device in Odisha being taken up by Vasundhara
  3. Assistance to CFR Governance Process carried out by Vasundhara
Assistance to RRI in developing Policy briefs