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Client Type : Government and Government Agencies
Practice Area : Development Sector Consulting
Project Type : Research
Project Status : Ongoing Projects
Sectors : Natural Resources (Forests, Agriculture, Water and Land)

Client: NorthEasternDevelopment FinanceCorporationLtd.(NEDFi)

Timelines: October 2015- Present

Scale: Meghalaya and Tripura


North Eastern Development Finance Corporation Ltd. (NEDFi) is administering the Techno- Economic Development Fund (TEDF) on behalf of the Government of India. TheStateGovernmentofMeghalayaandTripurahad expressedtheirdesirethatastudybetakenupundertheTEDFwithregardtotheStudyofduediligenceinthevaluechain:livestockandhoneyfor theStates ofMeghalayaandTripura‟inorder to give further impetustothisindustryandtotherebypromoteeconomicgrowthinthe State. AstheadministratoroftheTEDF,NEDFimanaged the above study. 

NRMC India’s Role:

The Scope of theStudy includes the following:

  • To assess value chain map that depicts the chain,actors and their functions and interrelationship and also the present status of livestock production including poultry and apiculture in theStates of Meghalaya and Tripura
  • Scope and for small scale rural entrepreneurship development in value chain of livestock, poultry and apiculture
  • Identification to plan programmes according to the farmers‟ priorities and needs production
  • To review various Central State sponsored schemes and their output and outcome and on the livestock and honey production in the States
  • To analyse the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities  and Threats and assess the various constraints and challenges faced by the farmers 
  • To assess the various infrastructures available in the State including processing and marketing infrastructures/chain.
  • To identify the best practices and technologies related to the honey and livestock value chain and to suggest ways to improve the production of honey, livestock including poultry as well as to ensure better practices in management, breeding and feeding.
  • To assess the scope and opportunities for introduction of alternative livestock and poultry species (like turkey, emu, broiler rabbit, Murrah buffalo etc.) to promote the sectors to enhance income of the farmers.
  • Identification of specific locations/cluster/target groups for large scale commercial poultry, goat, pig and other livestock production and honey production in these two States.
  • Identification of opportunities for the farmers, to participate in value-added production of honey, livestock and livestock products, thereby capturing additional value within the production and marketing chain.
  • Identify the underlying policy,institutional,and infrastructural issues that affect the competitiveness
  • Analyze gender and social inclusion/pro poor perspective at all steps of value chain and while mapping that,enquire about the relative proportions of women men,caste/ethnic communities.
  • Prepare roadmap for the effective steps to be taken up by the Government within specific timeframefor promotion of the sector. This will include all infrastructural facility including connectivity,power,coldcha in management oany issues that need to be incorporated
  • To document and conserve the traditional informationof these two
  • To assess the role of various SHGs,NGOs and other societies associated locally inthese two States