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Client Type : Corporate
Practice Area : Corporate Social Responsibility
Project Type : Monitoring & Evaluation , Research
Project Status : Completed Projects
Sectors : Natural Resources (Forests, Agriculture, Water and Land)

Client: ITC India

Timelines: February 2016- April 2016

Scale: Rajasthan (Bhilwara, Pratapgarh, Jhalawar Districts)

Objective:Impact Assessment Study to understand the project's impact as it completed Five (5) years in 2015

NRMC India’s Role:

The assignment aimed to study the impact of the following parameters:

  • -          Institution building for effective implementation of MGNREGA
  • -          Sensitization and capacity development of community
  • -          Employment generation and migration
  • -          Sustainable asset creation
  • -          Improvement in soil and moisture regime
  • -          Cropping patterns
  • -          Irrigation


Field work was undertaken in 16 villages across 6 blocks in 3 districts in Rajasthan and the approach followed both qualitative and quantitative assessment.

  • Quantitative data was collected from 300 sample households and 100 control households, while Participatory tools like Focus Group Discussion (FGDs) and In Depth Interviews (IDIs), were used for gathering qualitative information about the project from different categories of stakeholders. Secondary data to assess the impact of the project on parameters such as job cards, inclusiveness, migration, employment generation etc. was collected from the MGNREGA website. Biophysical assessment of structures was also conducted to assess their sustainability. For studying the impact of project on soil health, soil sample were collected and tested in the laboratory and data analysis was done on the reports generated. Impact on ground water recharge was also conducted by analysing secondary data collected for wells for earlier years. Qualitative and Quantitative data collected from different sources were collated and analysed.