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Impact assessment studies on “promotion of sustainable agriculture practices” and “promotion of market engagement process” in Pathways" Odisha, India
Provision of Consultancy Services for carrying out “A Study of due diligence in the value chain: Livestock and Honey for the State of Meghalaya and Tripura‟
Situation analysis of child rights violations in stora enso Indias supply chain
Gender Equitable Land Governance in Odisha
Support and Research on CFR Recognition Processes and Tracking Land Conflicts in India
Longitudinal Panel Study on Impact of Health Insurance in 3 Indian States
Creating Database for Capturing Government Health Expenditure in 30 Indian States for 25 years (1990-2015)
National Mission Management unit for National Urban Livelihoods Mission
Development of Strategies and Plan for Project Implementation
Endline Evaluation of GPAF project on Improving Maternal Health
Study the Efficacy of NREGA assets in Bihar (2014)
Longitudinal Panel Study on Rashtriya Swasth Bima Yojana (RSBY) with special focus on Hospitalisation
Ex-post assessment study for sustainability of key processes and institutions promoted under ‘STEP’ Project in Andhra Pradesh
Study of due diligence in the value chain: Livestock and Honey for the State of Meghalaya and Tripura‟
Monitoring and Evaluation of ‘Empowering Adolescents’ Project in seven districts of Uttar Pradesh
Designing a Skill Development Strategy for Adolescents Working in Cotton Farming Districts of Punjab and Haryana
Impact Assessments of ITC's watershed development program implemented in partnership with MGNREGA in 3 districts of Rajasthan (5)
Impact Assessment Of India Program To Deliver Safe Water And Sanitation In India
Arghyam- Improved planning and delivery of water & sanitation services using the Water Use Master Plan (WUMP)
Tracking Sanitation Outcomes through mobile based survey in Bihar
UNDP-IKEA Project for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment
UNDP-Integrated women empowerment model in cotton areas
JICA-Evaluation-Formulating New Forestry Sector Assistance Policy
UN Women-Promoting Women’s Political Leadership
Independent survey agency for conducting surveys and collecting data for GPs in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh for Nirmal Gram Puraskar (NGP) 2011
Consultancy Services for Assessing Sanitation and Gender study for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Program for Low Income States in India
Preparation of State of the Panchayats Report – 2010-11
Nodal Agency for MGNREGS Special Strategy: One Million Marginalized Families – 100 Days Employment
Monitoring and Evaluation of 'Strengthening Child Rights in the Cotton Farming Districts of Punjab and Haryana' Project
End Line Evaluation of IKEA Foundation supported Integrated Project on Child Labour in Maharashtra and Gujarat
Situational analysis for designing CSR strategy
Study of allocation and utilization of funds under the tribal sub plan (TSP)
Value Chain Analysis of Organic Manures and Organic Pest Repellents and their Market Opportunity
Study on Tendu Patta: From State to Community Ownership in Gadchiroli
Survey on Nagaland Afforestation & Eco-Development Project
Impact Assessment Study of CSR Activities of BHEL PSSR
Strengthen CMIS for the Child Sensitive Social Protection Project in Nalanda, Bihar
Impact Assessment of AID Project Titled "Women led pathway for change through SHG run kiosk banking and financial services for women, Jharkhand"
Developing Capacity Building, Knowledge Management strategy and Communication Strategy For Neeranchal Project
Process Evaluation and documentation for Programme on 'Enhancing School Effectiveness and Learning Achievement of Children from Agricultural Communities in Govt. Primary Schools in Rural Bihar'